Island Vacation

     The sign says “Gas Station Self Serve Island”.  Sounds like a vacation get away.  Well there are extra long hoses to reach both sides of your vehicle. Now that is a perk. Another sign:  “Stop your engine.”  Well, that’s a good way to start your vacation here at this island .  No need to be rushing around on a vacation.  I turn my engine off and turn the radio up, really trying to get into my vacation here.  One more car ahead of me and one currently at the pump, excuse me, one at the island.  Well, this buys me some more time at my vacation island here.  I roll my window down, well it’s not really rolling it down anymore now is it. It’s all pushing a button to put the window down.  

     So, I “put” my window down, to enjoy the fresh air. I smell a few things on my vacation here on the island; the faint smell of gasoline, a cigar, old garbage, and the heavy scent of perfume I believe is from the woman next to me with her windows down in line for her island  Oh, this must be a resort, there are many islands that the vacationers are waiting for their turn to board. 

    I think about getting a tropical drink as I am enticed by some different choices, right here from this waitress, albeit automated in the form of a vending machine. Let’s see, there is bottled water, Coke, Diet Coke, and that is it. Seems like a limited selection for a vacation get away.  No mixed drinks, no tropical drinks with little colorful paper umbrellas or drinks in pink flamingo shaped cups? Well, maybe they keep the top shelf stuff behind the counter, or in the glass cashier’s shack. 

    Okay, let’s skip the drink.  Let’s move onto the next island vacation opportunity; entertainment. I see it now, a pile of newspapers under a chunk of asphalt to keep them from flying around. There is a breeze flowing through, as there should be on an island vacation. The entertainment is not really fitting into my vacation moment here. The headliner is about the town council voting on budgetting for renting a parking lot down town for the next fiscal year. This is far from entertainment.  There is nothing sensational or amazing about this. This is unfortunate. 

    Well, what else could there be. Wait, do I spot a body of water?  Oh, yes, I do.  It’s a bucket of water with a window cleaning squeegee in it.  

    I am coming to realize that my vacation island here was all I figment of my imagination.


About robin swetz

I am a creative writer that enjoys the simple things in life. I really connect with humor and really like making observations and writing about them with an overlay of humor. Its what makes my world go around.,
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