Emissions Testing Time!!

The six different chairs form a loose semi circle. It is an unusual group of folks. A woman in a blue jump suit, short on the bottom and low on the top. Flip flops, of course, with bright red toe nails. “Flop, flop, flop” her feet say as she leaves- she has been summoned to the front counter.

Next a man in athletic pants, black with three white stripes down the outside of each leg. The material looks like the kind that makes that swishing sound when you walk.

Next, the man in the rocking chair. Grey scruffy beard, dark brown moccasins with black socks, tan baseball style cap, and orange metal water container. Oh, wait, Mr. Athletic has put his feet up on top of the coffee table. Nice. His legs are probably sore from all the exercise. Let him rest.

Next, the gentleman with a wrinkly blue button down short sleeve shirt tucked into dark blue dockers. Blue sneakers seal the deal.

Three folks watch the Price is Right closely, while Mr. Athletic scrolls on his phone. Hold up. Mr. Athletic is up, well at least part way. His feet are off the table. Seems like the magazines he was resting his feet on have gotten his attention. Now he flips through a Sports Illustrated.

The weather gets all of our attention. Severe thunderstorm warning for the entire state . Yikes. It does look ominous outside.

Wait. Now what? The 1992 Toyota Camry is all set. He’s the man with the orange metal water holder. He’s been told this is his last year, no more emissions tests. What? Aren’t the older vehicles more at risk for pollution? I guess if the car has lasted 15 years, no further emissions testing is the reward.

New arrival. Man with white hair and matching white mustache and purple shirt and tan khaki shorts. Tan moccasins. What’s up with the moccasins? Laughter rises from him at the news reports of the most recent Trump news.

” Honda CRV , who is with that?”

My time has come . I leave my spot in the semi-circle. Until next time, folks.


About robin swetz

I am a creative writer that enjoys the simple things in life. I really connect with humor and really like making observations and writing about them with an overlay of humor. Its what makes my world go around.,
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