Sweeping Perspectives

Today I saw somebody sweeping their driveway free of grass clippings and sand on the edges. I couldn’t help but think, I barely get my kitchen floor swept inside my house, all those crumbs and debris. The thought of sweeping my driveway is insane. I guess it’s all about your perspective. Before my blessings, John and James, came along, you might have seen myself and my husband outside tending to such details without too many complaints. Now, our time goes to other things, like cheering on my oldest son and his team at a double header on the baseball field, or watching and encouraging my youngest son at his karate class, or getting up with the sun to pack four lunches, unload the dishwasher, sneak in some laundry folding, and various other things.

So, for now, as I feel the occasional crumb under foot, I smile to myself. It’s all good.


About robin swetz

I am a creative writer that enjoys the simple things in life. I really connect with humor and really like making observations and writing about them with an overlay of humor. Its what makes my world go around.,
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